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Project Description
Hyper-V Virtual Machines have two possible serial ports (output only). Hyper-V streams these as Named Pipes. This app capture that text and displays it.

  • V1.1 (Has replaced V1.0 rather than published as a new version)
    • Can set to Readline or Byte modes for getting input.
    • Improved state management

The VMs stream their COM ports as "Named Pipes" . This app captures the stream (line-by-line) and displays it. The displayed text can be copied to the clipboard or saved to a file.

Quite useful for Windows CE/Compact OSs under development as vCEPCs:
Can view Serial Debug messages, particular during eboot.

With the Compact 2013 vCEPC, there is only one serial port which defaults to Serial Debug. After checking that this works, restart vCEPC and go into settings. Disable Serial Debug and you get COM1 to use. After booting at the command prompt in vCEPC try:
dir > COM1
You shoul d get the directory listing in hvcapture window.
PS We have a serial port app on the way for Compact 2013.

This is only a first version so there are lots of ToDos:
  • Multiple capture tabs (multiple virtual COM ports).
  • Capture at byte level rather than line by line
  • Stream to physical ports on host.

PS Please leave comments/reviews (See Discussions).Thx
  • Is this app useful?
  • Do you want this app to map to physical COM ports on the host? Etc.

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